Thursday, March 19, 2009

juanitatortilla give away

This is my contribute to the Juanitatortilla first give away, the J of my first name. The caps are part of my stash. I'm planning to do a lot of pincushions.


Peggy said...

We'd love to have you participate in the swap! Can you come back to my blog and leave your email, or email me directly at peggyandrews at mac dot com?

thank you!

Peggy said...

hello -- can you please send me your email for the hankie swap? I thought I posted this, but I dont see it.We're excited to have you! peggyandrews at mac dot com

juanita de la vega said...
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juanita of juanitatortilla said...

Hi Juanita! (hehehe)

Oh no, I haven't tried catalogna on pizza yet. Does it still taste as bitter? But anything with CHEESE tastes good :D

I have yet to go back and try my "vegetable adventures" for a second time, each! The vegetables seem to disappear after a week or so, in the supermarket. So, I try to grab whatever I can, whenever I can :)