Friday, April 10, 2009


This is my very first swap! And this is my very first attempt to make a hand rolled hem hankie for the swap-CHOO presented by Peggy of "Skip the chips" and Iris of "Creative endeavours in a busy life". Two days ago the hankie and the poem (shame on me! it's not handwritten) started the long way to the Maine, where my nice swap partner, Joanie, lives. Hi Joanie!


Wendy T. Gibson said...

I want to do a swap with you! If I can't go to Italy, part of me can!!! lol

What do you think?

juanita de la vega said...

Okay Wendy! Launch it! I'll be happy to swap with you!

Wendy T. Gibson said...

Oh oh! I've never done a swap! Do you know how? I will research it.

Wendy T. Gibson said...

Okay! Here is my brilliant idea:

We make dolls of ourselves, send them to each other and then for a specific amount of time, take pictures of them around our town! We could post the photos online throughout the week or two and then we send the dolls back home! They might come back with souvenirs in their size, little postcards, a journal, a map... iyiyi! What do you think!? Fun?

Here is another great article from Lisa Vollrath!

juanita de la vega said...

Well first question: How to? What I understood is that the host or the organizer launch the swap; once they have the entries, they sort a partner for each one. I do not the criteria for the choice of the partner; but since we don't have to marry her!
The second idea seems really brilliant; remembers me of a film "Amelie" where she sent the dwarf of her father's garden to travel around the world via a friend hostess, and her father (very surprised!) from time to time got a picture of his dwarf with a monument behind it. The purpose was to make his father leave the life of a hermit he were doing.
I think swaps and crafts challenges are also a way to stimulate creativity and make us travel without leave our house! As you said, a part of us is where we can't!
So, I think the dolls are a very good idea! Let's start!
I like to make dolls, so I can start right now!

Wendy T. Gibson said...
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juanitatortilla said...

Hi fellow Juanita!

I am leaving my comment here so that there can be 3 other commenters to participate in your Pay It Forward :)

I will start preparing something to mail it out to you... Don't forget to give me your address! My e-mail is on the right-hand sidebar of my blog. (Not revealing it here for safety reasons).