Wednesday, May 27, 2009

corner view, "cityscapes"

My entry for the week's theme "cityscapes". This is Rome as you can see it from the Gianicolo a roman hill, ( it's not among the seven hills where Rome was built!) From this place, there is one of the most beautiful views of Rome, and while walking, I spotted a young tourist that took her shoes off to take a break, maybe of a long walk around the city.


state of bliss said...

Hello :)
I've never been to Rome... yet. I hope to visit Italian capital city soon though.
Very interesting picture :)
Thank you for sharing :)

Lisa said...

I just LOVE the purple high top chucks!!!!! Really love this photo Juanita! So creative and unexpected.

Thanks for the nice comments. You are the best.
Lisa :)

Olga said...

Lovely lilac snickers, I got myself pink ones in Venice this May - absolutely adorable footwear. Well as for Rome - all roads lead there ;)I love the city too.. I would love you to visit me as well ;)