Thursday, December 9, 2010

CV "Improvising"

Improvising it's my second name! Especially when it concerns two things I love: cooking and traveling.
When I go to my grocer and ask him what he brought from the market today, seems all clear to me: Hmm... Those string beans, steamed and sautè with olive oil and garlic will garnish the fish or meat... those red tomatoes are good for the spaghettis... Oh, I am such a good lunch planner!!
Once at home, the string beans will end up mixed with boiled potatoes and eggs, the red tomatoes will join the onions and the celery in a broth for the fish... and the spaghettis will be dressed with butter and parmesan!!
Improvising travel it's most difficult: I have a husband who Must Know Where he will go, What he will see and When he will be back... But sometimes I bribe him... As when I took him to this wonderful place...


Juanita Tortilla said...

Oh yes, my husband too, always needs to know and plan. Me, on the other hand, live in a fantasy world and love the idea of spontaneity!

Joyce said...

I am with you my friend when it comes to the kitchen. Even though I love my cookbooks. xo

Isabella Paglia said...

Grazie cara Angela per avermi fatto conoscere il tuo blog! Mi piace tantissimo complimenti per i post in inglese e le belle foto.
Una scoperta!
ti abbraccio

Olga said...

Juanita, donde estas? It's been a while you've been around. How's everything going?