Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Corner View "Looking up"

Can a little peach blossom make you feel alive? It did to me, this morning.
Today, I left home for the post office to pay the bills and to buy bread, eggs, milk and butter,
ordinary things and ordinary day; and then, I looked up and spotted this little peach blossom on the
condo garden tree. It is a sign that Spring it is three days from now; but not for me, since the only
season that affects me its Summer (I hate it)! It was the inner feeling that despite the hardships of life and the bills to pay, the family momentary struggles, I still find joy just looking up at this blossom that it is coming out like every year. And I am grateful this year I can see it, and that can enjoy its beauty.
Hello, little Peach Blossom! and Happy Spring to all!

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