Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Una Sfumatura di Grigio. One Shade of Grey.

Ho fatto finalmente le borse "origami"!
(Solo Una Sfumatura di Grigio) :)
After doing these bags, as a Christma's gifts
container, following this tut:
there were some "leftovers" of the grey fabric
(Only "one shade") :)
Con gli avanzi di stoffa, e qualche scampolo di merletti vintage.
e degli avanzi di grosgrain, ho confezionato tre cuscini.
So, as I've been for some time thinking what to do with
some stash of vintage lace and red grosgrain, I thought
about doing these cushions. 


nadine paduart said...

you thought well!! the bags also seem pretty handy, and just the right colour. well done for the cushions too. one shade of grey will indeed suffice. ;)) n♥

Alessandra maisonromantique said...

Ciao Juanita...un saluto anche qui, non solo su fb!