Monday, December 21, 2009

This is (also) a craft blog!

My last craft obsession? Felt food! Everything started when a young lady came to the jewelry shop, where I've been working for a couple of years, wich is also a craft lab, wishing to learn to make felt food, something I had in mind; but using the crochet hooks, since I love amigurumis.
Anyway, I took a look in the Internet, and...another craft obsession took possess of my hands!
Then, there is a friend of mine...She is an artist of the pastries, those real, yummy and beautiful biscuits and cakes,  that you can see here.
Then, some weeks ago, I went to see an exhibit (by the way it was Alexander Calder's) and at the museum shop, I spotted a white ceramic tray, make right like the ones in cardboard...Ta daaa! Since I cannot make pastries like her, I can make some felt cake or something like that, to thank her for sending me from time to time her biscuits.
It was fun to learn to make the cream dollops and the strawberries!. 
So, here there are my first and second (but not last!) attempt to felt food...
Wish to learn to make whipped cream dollops? Here:

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Corner view "Evening"

This week "Corner View's" theme is "Evening". Is the part of the day I love...when the journey finish, and we reflect about what we have done, make projects for the following day...or look back sadly because a wonderful day has my journey at Napoli. On the way back to the train station, I spotted this: the house where Rossini, one of my favorite composers, lived for some years. Fantastic evening!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

one day at Napoli

What have I been up? Well, I've been quite busy working at friend's Serena jewelry shop, and housekeeping.
A week ago it was my birthday, and one of my friends gave me as a gift " an only girls day at Napoli"; so at 8.00 o'clock in the morning, four "girls" left Rome; and at 10.00am they were making breakfast at Napoli with a delicious and caloric napoleatan cake, filled with almond cream and dried fruit.
After that, we started walking in search of San Gregorio Armeno, the street of the nativity scene makers. It's a tiny street, where people from all Italy goes to buy figurines and miniatures to make nativity scenes at home, and of course is tha home of Pulcinella, the red little horns as a fortune amulet, of the pizza and good coffee...and the tiny streets with what is called "the second italian flag": the clothes hunging to dry out of the balconies.
Do not go in this period! as you can see in the pictures, it's too crowded. One of the funniest things, though, is that every year they make caricactures of the politicians.
It was quite tiring; but it was worth the effort! Leaving appart the nasty things and stereotypes, Napoli is a wonderful city, its people are friendly...and the "babà" typical cake soaked with rhum is delicious!
At 6.00 pm; we said "ciao" to the Vesuvio, and took our tired ourselves home.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

corner view "Favorite dish"

My favorite dish? Well, living in Italy, I cook most italian; but I still am an "All LatinAmerican girl"! So, here there are my two favorites among many:
"Carbonada": Typical argentinian dish, you can see some ingredients; pumpkin, scalions, sweet potatos...etc; and not in the picture, the stewing beef...delicious!
Risotto: Italians love rice as much as the "pasta"!
And as for my favorite dish, as object, well, this are our everyday mugs and cups, love them, even the chipped ones!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

corner view "Contrasts"

Contrasts are part of our life, since Adam and Eve. Contrasts are also an old white cord some fisher left on the black rocks, a young green tree on the city's square, and an old one dying on the praire, a cat and a dog, according to leggend, always enemies...And my favorite contrast: the sea at the beginning of the Autumn and at the early Spring.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

corner view, "water"

I am not an aquatic person, perhaps because I can't swim, and my preference goes to the mountain; but I love this is the crater lake: "Lago di Bolsena" in the Viterbo province, around 120kmts from Rome. It has two islands, and is sorrounded by small and nice villages. I do prefer it to the sea...Maybe because of the calm that inspires.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

corner view, "My dream"

When I started traveling in the 70's I have a dream, in this order: To travel across Latin America to live for a while in the U.S.A, to take a ride on the Transiberian, to have a walk on the Great Wall of China, and end up living Spain with my own family, in one of th0se small villages that appeal so much we, New World people.
Well, I can say I know pretty well Latin America, I've been living for a while in the USA, I have a house in a small village even if I don't live there all year round...But the most important of my dreams became true not in Spain but in Italy: I have a family of my own...The Transiberian and the Great Wall can wait for a while!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

corner view, "souvenir"

Apart from gondola with light and David in plastic, there are other italian favorite souvenir: Food, in this case a variety of Pecorino cheese (hard italian cheese made with sheep milk).
Wine: There is for every taste. I love white ones.
Ceramics: every place in Italy have their own. This are typically from Orvieto, in Umbria.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Crafting and recycling

What I did with the trillion paper beads I made? Well, with part of it, friend Serena and I decorated the jewelry display we made recycling an old frame, an old lace nigthgown, and a piece of chicken wire; an idea I found here.
The mirror was an anonymus brown one bougth at Ikea that we treated shabby chic, and decorated with one piece of my yo-yo collection and a lavender wand, a Lisa's blog tutorial.
Yes, I confess: (almost) everything I know, I learnt it in the Internet!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

corner view, "White"

Last Sunday was a hot day in Rome; but some museums were free, and it has been ages since I visited the Colosseum for the last time. Yes, it must has been a long time...or the hot weather; but all those stairs to reach the top of the monument, left me without breath, and not only for the beauty of it and the things I saw!
These are some pics I took while sitting here and there to catch some breath: Giulia, Titus daughter, A modern sculpture featuring a little girl, and a modern roman bride.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

100th + 1 post

This was supposed to be the 100th post; but I was on the deadline for the appointment of "Corner View", so I will call this the "100th + 1" post.
I would have love to host, for example a "giveaway"; but since I never did it, I have not experience; but I will do it in the future. For now, I will start saying some things about myself and my blogger friends.
10 things I love (apart from my family and my cat!), and not necessary in that order:

1.- Travel (I've been a backpacking traveling girl in the 70's!)
2.- The Winter (Oh, so happy to be under a cozy quilt reading a good book!)
3.-Rainy days (Most people thinks I am crazy because of this!)
4.-To read ( I am not a snob: love Romance too, but only late Kathleen Woodiwiss's books)
5.- To blog ( Thanks to this I meet every day a lot of interesting people)
6.- Italy (It's my second country. Really I have a hate-love relationship with Italy!)
7.- Friends.- (Loyal friends are hard to find. I am fortunate to have them!)
8.-To cook ( Fortunately, my two men are tall and thin!)
9.-To craft ( Can't stay without some craft in progress!)
10.-To walk (From September to May, preferably on the beach!)

Ten things I don't like:

1.- Summer (Makes me mad!)
2.-Shopping (Every kind of shopping!)
3.-To drive (Though sometimes I am aware it could be useful!)
4.-Bureaucracy (Hate to go to the post-office, or places like that!)
5.-Furs (I have my cat to warm my feet. And he is alive!)
6.-Traffic ( One of the reasons I could leave Italy! The other...well, better I don't speak of it!)lol
7.-Islands (They finish somewhere, I love the great spaces!)
9.-Fish (except shrimps and mussels)
10.-Hipocrisy (Why not say what you think?)

As for my bloggers friends. I wish to thank all of you for your friendship, and for the kindness you show toward this wicked old lady and finally, for the patience with which you read my posts writen in this Spanglish-Maccaroni English!
Here it a list of some of these wonderful people:
She is a sweet lady living in Switzerland. She makes wonderful crafts and experiments in the kitchen. And have a cat I love!
5 orange potatos and 3 black inkspots
Lisa, and her two Little Ladies are a sort of Fairies. Her blog is something between New Age and a Druid secret diary, she knows almost everything about the proprierties of the plants and flowers. Plants ( and even weeds!) are not the same for me, since I started reading her blog!

Ian is a young English gentleman, a traveler and a great photographer. Through his awesome pictures one can travel around the world. And I share with him the love for good books.

Oh, Carolyn is an artist! Her art works are inspirational. She works with every kind of materials; and I love especially her collages.

Jane, an american living in Spain, and wife to an aspirant torero. She keeps together a comunity of bloggers through her "Corner View" a weekly appointment that allows people to show some flashes of life in pictures. And she is so amusing!
Well, with Wendy, we've been close some months ago, thanks to FB and the chat. Then both of us started to work hard. She writes for an online magazine and makes wonderful jewels. As for me, started to collaborate at a friend's jewelry shop. Hope to hear from her soon.

Jeannette is a young Dutch lady living in Germany. She is a sweet and romantic girl. Her musings awakens my sense of motherhood. I think I will adopt her! She too, is a cat lover!

Peggy is the crafty mom of Miss Kinder. Her tutorials are wonderful. And she is a good cook too.

Joyce is a cheerful person, one I would love to have as a neighbor, so I am happy to have her as a virtual friend!. Her pictures are beautiful.

Tess is a poet, and a young grandmother. She is also a mixed media artist.

Well this are some of the blogs I follow and some of them follow me and keep in touch frequently. There are others I like too, like "What not to crochet", incredible amusing, or "Button Floozies" ( Oh, to own all those buttons!) or "Kids napping? I'm scrapping!", Jessica makes the most wonderful scrapbooks!
Thanks again to everybody, and I am waiting suggestions and advice for a giveaway!
Juanita de la Vega

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

corner view, "out from the car window"

We are not car lovers in family: my husband drives just because in Italy public transportations are one of the worst in Europe (his job is in Rome). Our son drives if his fiancèe does not have the car avalaible, and I have the drivers licence but hate to drive! So, the longest travels we do with the car are are those during the Summer or the weekends to go to the house we have in this nice small village 120kmts from Rome; then, we prefer the train for longer travels.
The last, it has been a rainy weekend; but we had to go because we invited some friends for lunch. These are the pics I took along the way (it was not easy with a car at 90kmts/hour of speed!) and what I saw from the window from Rome to Ischia di Castro. My favorite it's the one with the tree: I love to see the seasons change around it: corn, sunflowers, wheat, or just to see it there, alone, among the green hills .
Wow! this is my 100th post! I wished to something special. I will do it in the next!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

This is (also) a craft blog!

When I find something I like to do, I got addicted (I am talking about crafts!). In this last months, my last obsessions are: paper beads and jewelry using recycled materials.
With paper beads (tutorial Here), I am planning to do...well, as soon as I finish my project, I will post about!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Corner view, "September"

This is the sea I love! Automn clouds, desert beach, an angry Mediterranean Sea...and be back to my walkings! Bienvenido septiembre, Benvenuto settembre, Wellcome September!! I love you!

Holidays,Orvieto magic

Orvieto it's an inspiring place for all kinds of crafters; but this my favorite spot when I go there: "Mago di Oz" (Wizard of Oz"). He is a big sweet person. With his big hands he makes incredible miniatures. You can see his magic shop here.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


During the Summer Craft Fair, there is the Parade that features the wedding of one of the members of the Farnese family. I love to see those ladies and pages walking on the tiny streets of the town. It's like to step back in time!
Some days after the Fair, I opened the window, and saw people walking down the street, dressed in 15th century dresses, a man who rided a horse...No, it was not the time machine! Somebody choose the town as a location to make a movie!

Monday, August 31, 2009


This are some pics of the Summer Fair at Ischia di Castro, three days in which crafters show and sell their art works, farmers bring their products: pork and boar sausages, cheese, honey, and a great choice of fresh vegetables.
And then there is the Band! This year was a funny one; they adapted some everyday things to make music, like the expresso moka with a doll in it!
(The ceramic jewels are my son's and fianceè production!)