Thursday, December 9, 2010

CV "Improvising"

Improvising it's my second name! Especially when it concerns two things I love: cooking and traveling.
When I go to my grocer and ask him what he brought from the market today, seems all clear to me: Hmm... Those string beans, steamed and sautè with olive oil and garlic will garnish the fish or meat... those red tomatoes are good for the spaghettis... Oh, I am such a good lunch planner!!
Once at home, the string beans will end up mixed with boiled potatoes and eggs, the red tomatoes will join the onions and the celery in a broth for the fish... and the spaghettis will be dressed with butter and parmesan!!
Improvising travel it's most difficult: I have a husband who Must Know Where he will go, What he will see and When he will be back... But sometimes I bribe him... As when I took him to this wonderful place...

Thursday, December 2, 2010

corner view "rain"

I love rain, I always did, since I was born in a tropical place North of Argentina.  I really miss those furious Summer storms. Here in central Italy, rains are not as frequently as they are in other places, as it does not happen to have so much rain as we are having in the last four weeks.
 We spent this year part of the Autumn at our holiday home... This is my favorite spot, the kitchen window. I really love to sip a cup of tea or coffee as I follow the clouds in the sky and the wood's changing colors; and in absolute silence, hear only the sound of the rain on the roof  and on the stones of the tiny streets of the village...