Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Corner View "Reflection"

Abruzzo (Italy)
Reflection... New and Old. A medieval portal reflected on a modern one.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Corner View "Four legged"

Our super spoiled cat, Ciro
Four legged sometimes are best friends than more than one "two legged". Cats are my favourite four legged friends. Why? They are misteroius, crazy, selfish... and soooo charming you can forgive them anything, even if that "anything" it's a precious vase  crashed or a rare plant munched or boken; he/she look at you with that round eyes and that rosy nose up as saying: "Oh my, who did all that mess? and then he arches the back, start rubbing around you and... after all, "Who minds about that old vase?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Corner View "Communication"

Rome, Italy, street artists

Vulci, Italy. Dancers
Rome, Italy. Children's art.
Rome, Italy. Multicultural event.
For CV "Communication" I choose to show some ways people communicate. A young people Street Band that performs playing and dancing communicate the joy of life.
Dance it's another way to communicate through the body, and to assist to this performance  at Vulci, an antique Etruscan city, means a total immersion in the spirit of the place.
And what to say about the way children communicates through they doodles? Well, this is art!
To conclude. It's there better way to communicate than being together hand in hand in a merry go round with people of different nations and different languages?.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Corner View "Wood"

son's rough wood working table (with cat eating thyme!)
olive wood hand made spoons
olive wood handmade cutting boards
ancient wood handmade toys

old wood cellar's door
Wood it's one of my favorite materials. A wood floor or an old wood table makes your house warm and cosy and the wax smell brings childhood memories. I love too the old, battered cellar's doors or the olive wood objects so popular in Italy. And what about those humble handmade toys? Now we can found them at the museums, since consumism made them "out" for our technologized children!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Corner View "Kitchen counter"

Well, if a piece of wood about 40cm x 60 can be called "counter", then I have one in my kitchen. Anyway, big enough to have both salt's jars, olive oil, and of course, the sugar bowl, the coffee jar and the coffee machines which includes the cappuccino maker one... yes, we drink a lot of coffee.