Thursday, November 12, 2009

corner view "Favorite dish"

My favorite dish? Well, living in Italy, I cook most italian; but I still am an "All LatinAmerican girl"! So, here there are my two favorites among many:
"Carbonada": Typical argentinian dish, you can see some ingredients; pumpkin, scalions, sweet potatos...etc; and not in the picture, the stewing beef...delicious!
Risotto: Italians love rice as much as the "pasta"!
And as for my favorite dish, as object, well, this are our everyday mugs and cups, love them, even the chipped ones!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

corner view "Contrasts"

Contrasts are part of our life, since Adam and Eve. Contrasts are also an old white cord some fisher left on the black rocks, a young green tree on the city's square, and an old one dying on the praire, a cat and a dog, according to leggend, always enemies...And my favorite contrast: the sea at the beginning of the Autumn and at the early Spring.