Friday, June 24, 2011

corner View "A positive thought for bad moments"

 I am still with my foot in cast and I will be sitting, or lying with my foot up for the next 15 days; but I do not think about it as a "bad moment", since I think there are people "who really have problems"; yes, if there is a positive thought for bad moments, this is mine. I have time to make things, like my crafts, to read or re read some of my favorite books, or a lot of Donald Duck stripes our son grew up with, or to do just nothing. I cannot remember when it has been the last time I had all this time for myself. And this is the other positive thought!!
Thanks to all my blogger friends that from time to time stop by!!
Have a wonderful weekend!!


Friday, June 3, 2011

corner View "M"

No picture, since I am working with an old laptop inherited from my son, in this belated CV.
Well I have some M:

MALLEOLUS: I've fractured the left one. Foot in cast for... I don't know. It's my first fracture ever!
MARVELLOUS Friends: Those I have in the blogosphere.
MARITO(husband) Oh poor thing!! He is experiencing the hard life of a housewife! Oh, not that he in the past  haven't been aware of the fatigue of housekeeping; but one thing is to be understanding and another is to know the managment: the bills, the weekly house cleaning and changing of tablecloths and sheets, the most convenient schedule for washing and ironing saving the energy bill... And the cooking! Italians love to eat, as everybody kows. The first course (pasta) the second (meat, poultry, fish or cheese) the salads and fruit. This for lunch and supper! So, the question, twice a day is: What can I do for lunch? What can I do for supper?


Have a wonderful week end, my friends!!