Thursday, October 23, 2014

Corner to corner

The parcel for Tami of has been shipped!
Thanks again to Francesca of for giving me the opportunity
to meet amazing, creative people! 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Corner View "Rough"

A Theater, in my city. A rough ghost that will haunts we citizens forever.
Started and never finished. Politics... Argghh

I love small villages in Italy, especially Tuscany and
Umbria. I love the way they take care of their streets, decorating
the old rough walls with flower pots and hand made objects.

It fascinates me the fact that in this walls, there are
hundreds of years you can read just looking at
the changes that has been made.

... And I love these old, weather battered doors! 
Mostly, because they are made in my favorite
way: recycling!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Corner to corner.

This is how I've got the parcel...
Corner to corner, hosted by Francesca on her blog where you can read the story of this circle of giving and receiving
Today, I've got these pretty little things from  from Paris. There were: two vintage buttons, and another bunch in a bag, three tea bags, a cat bookmark, a beautiful notes book, a nice decorative tape some candies and a beautiful wood box.
Thanks Svea from . !
The happiness for the gift has been spoiled, though, because it came to me ripped open... I was too happy for the gift to think about suing the italian mail service! I hope nothing is missing.
Anyway, through this humble blog of mine, I have the opportunity to know amazing people.
I am starting gathering things for the next on the list!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Corner View. "Wardrobe"

The wardrobe has been a pain on the neck for most of my life, because I am not the kind
of wardrobe lady, you know, that one with tailleur, pearl necklace and stiletto shoes, pretty bags, and so
find an appropriated wardrobe that I could use to... put my crafts things, and maybe just a bar
to hang my three or four shirts and jeans. and my red silk blouse and black trousers when I need
to be dressed "as a lady"... But I love to make miniatures wardrobes. Maybe a secret wish? Who knows...