Sunday, February 28, 2010


 Michela is hosting a swap and I am participating! (despite Juanita Tortilla's advise!) lol

Evviva!!! (Hooray!) Today (really Saturday) I've got my swap parcel: My sweet swap partner, Sandra sent me these beautiful things: an "eau de lavand pour la peau du visage" ("lavender water for the face"; but in French sounds soooo charming!) lavender chocolat (I hurried to take the pic; tooo yummmy!) and... Those beautiful crocheted earrings she makes!... What can I say? Thanks Sandra, and thanks Michela for hosting this swap... What's the next?

corner view "coffee companion"

Edward Hopper's works are on exhibition in Rome.  I love his works and I'd have liked to see some of those great landscapes,  (there were three or four) the urban scenes ... and most af all the "nightahawks", which has been recreated at the exhibition, so...what better "coffee companion" than the solitary  gentleman despicted in  Hopper's  masterpiece? What we and the man talk about? Well he was not a talkative one, and then...there was my husband with me!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

corner view " street photography"

For this week "Corner View", I choose some pictures from my archive because the card's camera its having some problems and I couldn't upload the pics I took especially for CV. Oh the technology!
Anyway, this are street photographies taken last year, and show a new town (where we live) and a medieval one, where we have a house. There is  my neighbor and a friend while putting the flowers of wild fennel to dry, and my house all covered as we were remodeling it...Oh, I miss so that place!
Have a nice day my friends!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Last Friday, the snow showed at our town ,after 25 years! Rome was all white too, but couldn't go to take pictures due to the weather conditions. Snow its not an every Winter event, so our cars are not equipped to ride on the snow; therefore, it was a holiday for those whose job is in Rome!
I started taking pics of our yard, and the pine trees, among them, "Ciro's tree", as we found him as a kitten, up the tree you can see in the first pic at right. It lasted for a couple of hours; but it was fun!