Wednesday, March 31, 2010

corner view "Spring"

Spring in Rome... the poppies that blooms on the old walls, and a glimpse of the Colosseum behind a... really I don't remember what the name of that plant it is; but I loved the sight! Anyway, if somebody can identify it I will appreciate!
Happy day, my friends!
Oh my! that's a cherry!!! what a shame!
Not, it's not a cherry! Help me! lol

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

corner view "front door"

This week "Corner View" theme is "Front door". This photography is from last Summer archive, since my camera is without battery, and it's the front door of our holiday house, shortly after it has been put on; it's not antique like the house's stones; but it will resists for a lot of years, and won't be scratched by that furry boy, Ciro!
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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

corner view "miniature worlds"

(pictures and art works by Patricia Salas)

For this week's theme for CV, "miniature world", I have a story and two pictures (not mine!).
Once upon a time, there were two teen girls. Most of the time, they were feuding; nevertheless, they walked together for some years, and one day their paths took different ways: the eldest started to travel, and later became a (house)wife a mother and a crafter and ended up living in Italy. 
The younger became a wife, a mother, a grandmother and an artist and remained to live in her country.
The years of adulthood brought them closer and in the last thirty years, they have always been in touch, first through the letters, then through internet, telling each other about their lives. 
So, one day, the crafter told the artist she started to do miniatures, that she loved to fill these tiny wardrobes with dresses, and  do miniquilts for the beds.
The artist asked the crafter to send some of them... And in this way, three pieces of humble miniature crossed "the pond" all the way to Argentina and became pieces of art. The end...(for now!)
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Esta semana el tema de "Corner View" es: "mundos en miniatura". Contribuyo con un cuento y dos fotografías (no son mías).
Había una vez  dos chicas que se la pasaban discutiendo todo el tiempo. Por algunos años caminaron juntas, hasta que un dia, sus caminos se separaron.
La mayor, empezó a viajar, y más tarde fue  esposa,  madre y artesana y termino viviendo en Italia.
La más joven, fue esposa, madre, abuela y  artista y siguio viviendo en su pais.
Los años de la madurez (y la lejanía) las acercó y fue asi que en los últimos treinta años a través de cartas primero, de internet después, se contaban de sus respectivas vidas.
Un dia, la artesana contó a la artista que había empezado a trabajar con las miniaturas, que le encantaba llenar esos roperitos con ropita chiquita, o hacer mini-cubrecamas para las camitas.
La artista pidió a la artesana de que le enviara algunos mueblecitos... Y asi, tres humildes miniaturas, cruzaron "el charco" hasta Argentina, y se convirtieron en piezas de arte. Fin... (Por ahora)