Monday, March 30, 2009

Fusilli amore mio

This form of pasta is called "fusilli" (spireled shape pasta). This form should be of the best quality if you wish to have a pasta "al dente"(well cooked) because tends to get overcooked.
Here is the recipe:

FUSILLI AL TONNO (tuna fish fusilli)
Ingredients (4persons)
400g pasta
1 can (160g) tuna fish
1/2 cup tomatoes (fresh or drained if canned)
4 spoons extra virgin olive oil
garlic, salt, rosmary, parsley
Put the water to boil, and in the meantime:

In a medium skillet put the oil, sautè the garlic (do no let burn it!). Drain the oil from the can and toss the tuna fish in the skillet, with a fork try to mince the pulp; put 1 teaspoon of rosmary, the tomatoes and salt. Let cook for about 10minutes. Once the pasta is cooked, drain it, put on a bowl, season with olive oil and parsley.

Make it Monday

Go Make Something is the creator of Make it Monday challenge, a nice way to stimulate the creativity. This Monday theme was: "found objects" and this is what I found and what I make of some of the objects I found while walking on a sidewalk near home.
Okay, what's next?
Next Monday challenge are HATS. I love hats!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Rome Marathon, March, 22nd 2009

Last post with pics of the Rome Marathon, with some places I love: A street of Trastevere (the other bank of the Tiber), the Borromini's white-corkscrew cupula of Sant'Ivo alla Sapienza (the legend says the form of the lantern is an homage to the Barberini family, whose coat of arms despicte bees, so the lantern could be the sting of a bee) The church, hexagonal, is small and white with concave and convexes interiors. A masterpiece of semplicity.
The artichokes and pumpkin is in the Jewish Ghetto, and the artichokes are a typical dish of the roman-jewish cuisine.
The tower is the one where the legend says the emperor Nero played the lyre while all Rome were in flames.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rome Marathon, March, 22nd 2009

These are another pics of the Rome Marathon showing the amusing side of the Fun Run: Dogs, children on bike and prams, two from Calabria (south of Italy) with "sopressata", a tipical calabrian sausage, and a small book shop I discovered along the itinerary and that I'll be visiting soon: saw a lot of old books and vintage cards at a good and convenient price!.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tombola! (Bingo!)

This is something I promised to vintagepix, who is an "altered cards" artist.
These studies became known by the common people, and they started to give them their own interpretation. The dreams or the everyday events, as a tempest or just to strip and fell down, became a sort of kabbalah, associated to a number and in this is the way the game of "lotto"(lottery) was born. Of course it was not legal!
In 1734, the king of Naples decided to legalize the game, afraid that ilegal as it was, the Treasure of the realm lose gains. Of course, the Church desagree with the legalization, and the King was forced to make an agreement: during Christmas, will be forbidden to bet, which will allow people to have the time to go to the Church and pray.
But people from Naples, are known for the resources they have to avoid restrictions!
While waiting for Christmas Eve, they started to put the 90 numbers into a small basket, and to write the numbers on a piece of cardboard. Later, every number was associated to a fact or a name, some are almost scurrilous!.
It was born the "Tombola", whose name means something like "cilinder" the form of the wood pieces where the numbers are printed.
Well, hope it's clear!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Rome Marathon, March, 22nd 2009

These are some moments of the Rome Marathon. It was a wonderful Spring day, sunny,warm and a little windy and we had a lot of fun. At the end I threw the coin in the Fountain of Trevi, wishing Rome could be everyday like this: people peacefuly walking in the middle of the street enjoying this beautiful city. (Oh, I know I'm asking for a miracle!)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

juanitatortilla give away

This is my contribute to the Juanitatortilla first give away, the J of my first name. The caps are part of my stash. I'm planning to do a lot of pincushions.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

give away

Wow! Juanitatortilla is hosting her first Give Away! For the winner, there'll be a nice pack with some of the nice crafts she does. The theme colour is YELLOW. For details go here.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

craft's drawers

Crafter's drawers are a source not only of inspiration.  Some are romantic, some are funny and some are...just weird! (Take a look at those that contains: bones, teeth and a snake skin!)
Surfing in the web, I found a nice blog that is collecting pics about all the things we keep in our drawers. This is (part) of mine: Labels! Together with buttons, lace and yo-yo, I use them on my crazy patchworks crafts. 
I cassetti di noi artigiane, non sono solo una fonte di ispirazione.  Dentro ci si trova di tutto: alcuni sono romantici, altri divertenti e altri sono...strambi, come quello che il "gatto che pesca" ne ha trovato nel sito di una simpatica signora che pubblica le foto che le artigiane le spediscono. Date un'occhiata a quello che contiene: dentiere, ossa e la pelle di un serpente!  
Io ho spedito la mia, se avete qualcosa di divertente nel vostro cassetto e volete metterlo in mostra, inviate una foto a: "What's in your drawers?"

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

recycling jeans

What can I do with an old jeans? A blanket for my cat!


Oggi ho fatto il solito giro.  La posta, il fruttivendolo, due chiacchiere nella bottega di belle arti della mia amica...e il giro dei piccoli supermercati e discount. 
E ora le quotazioni della mia borsa della spesa: Niente titoli in ribasso: le pere dal mio fruttivendolo di fiducia, per tutta la stagione invernale non sono scese da 1,99 euro; (tengo duro, non compro!) Al piccolo supermercato, invece, le banane sono in forte discesa, forse perchè rischiavano l'ecceso di muffa: 0,99 (acquisto, ma con cautela!) 
I titoli: zucchine, faggiolini, melanzane e altri non di stagione, si sono mantenuti in ascesa costante (aspetto che arrivi la bella stagione e forse compro). 
Arrivata allo scaffale latticini, mi aspetta una sorpresa...
... A DISTANZA DI POCHI GIORNI MI TROVO IL LATTE GRANAROLO (quello senza punti, ma al prezzo "politico" di euro 1,19) CON UN AUMENTO DI 6 CENTESIMI!
Qualcuno mi può fornire delle spiegazioni plausibili?
Io intendo chiederle!.  Se qualcun altro vuole chiedere spiegazioni, cliccare QUI
Ma se non vi interessa chiedere delucidazioni sul prezzo, date lo stesso un'occhiata: Ci sono delle ottime ricette!