Monday, March 30, 2009

Fusilli amore mio

This form of pasta is called "fusilli" (spireled shape pasta). This form should be of the best quality if you wish to have a pasta "al dente"(well cooked) because tends to get overcooked.
Here is the recipe:

FUSILLI AL TONNO (tuna fish fusilli)
Ingredients (4persons)
400g pasta
1 can (160g) tuna fish
1/2 cup tomatoes (fresh or drained if canned)
4 spoons extra virgin olive oil
garlic, salt, rosmary, parsley
Put the water to boil, and in the meantime:

In a medium skillet put the oil, sautè the garlic (do no let burn it!). Drain the oil from the can and toss the tuna fish in the skillet, with a fork try to mince the pulp; put 1 teaspoon of rosmary, the tomatoes and salt. Let cook for about 10minutes. Once the pasta is cooked, drain it, put on a bowl, season with olive oil and parsley.


Liz said...

Sandro made spaghetti al tonno for me when he came up to Ithaca with me (almost eight years ago!). Looks good!

juanita de la vega said...

Wow! Makes me happy to know he learnt something I tought him! He makes also good "empanadas". The recipe is on an old post in Spanish; but I will translate soon.