Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tombola! (Bingo!)

This is something I promised to vintagepix, who is an "altered cards" artist.
These studies became known by the common people, and they started to give them their own interpretation. The dreams or the everyday events, as a tempest or just to strip and fell down, became a sort of kabbalah, associated to a number and in this is the way the game of "lotto"(lottery) was born. Of course it was not legal!
In 1734, the king of Naples decided to legalize the game, afraid that ilegal as it was, the Treasure of the realm lose gains. Of course, the Church desagree with the legalization, and the King was forced to make an agreement: during Christmas, will be forbidden to bet, which will allow people to have the time to go to the Church and pray.
But people from Naples, are known for the resources they have to avoid restrictions!
While waiting for Christmas Eve, they started to put the 90 numbers into a small basket, and to write the numbers on a piece of cardboard. Later, every number was associated to a fact or a name, some are almost scurrilous!.
It was born the "Tombola", whose name means something like "cilinder" the form of the wood pieces where the numbers are printed.
Well, hope it's clear!


Wendy Gibson said...

Fascinating! Grazie!

leslie said...

Hi! I was scrolling down my blog and saw your funny comments about my list! Thanks so much for visiting me... I now have your blog bookmarked and will visit it often!

Wendy T. Gibson said...

The nest IS mine! lol The picture of the ring on my post is a picture of MY ring and if you follow the link, you will see the ring that Cindy made, AFTER she saw my ring. : )

Thank you for following my blog, Ms. Zorro! It does make me want to do a much better job now that I know you are reading from Roma! Grazie! I am making nests all day to fill an order but will explore your blog more soon!

juanita de la vega said...

Oh but your job is wonderful as it is! Wish I were so talented, but as I have two artists at home I say I'm just a humble housewife-artisan!
I'm happy really to have a lot of friends! It was a great idea to turn my blog into English, hoping I'm not saying a lot of nonsense!!

Wendy T. Gibson said...

I'm glad you turned your blog into English too! Do you do the Make It Monday challenges that vintagepix and I (craft dinner) do! They are fun!

vintagepix said...

Thanks for sharing this, Juanita - I had heard of tombola but had never seen it - the numbers look like our old-fashioned wooden bingo numbers, but the boards are very different with the pictures. Very cool - muchas gracias y grazie :D

juanita de la vega said...

Hi Wendy, Yes, I'll try to do something for next Make it Monday challenge! It will be not difficult for mi, I'm always picking things here and there, so I hoarded a lot of "things founded"!
(Signor M, my husband is not so happy about it, you know, here in Europe we do not have much space in our houses, he,he!)

vintagepix said...

I thought of you yesterday, Juanita, because I'm reading "The Night Villa" by Carol Goodman, and someone is leaving the main character some secret messages via tombola images!