Thursday, September 17, 2009

Corner view, "September"

This is the sea I love! Automn clouds, desert beach, an angry Mediterranean Sea...and be back to my walkings! Bienvenido septiembre, Benvenuto settembre, Wellcome September!! I love you!


Jeannette said...

Love your September beach pictures
And what a cute header!
Have a great time walking on the deserted beach (I´m jealous),
♥ Jeannette

Joyce said...

I love Sep and Oct too. Great photos! xoxo

Bonnie said...

very beautiful ! i love that last photo with all the doors !!

la ninja said...

sí, I agree. the mediterranean is at its best when it's pissed off! :)

jane said...

oh these are gorgeous! welcome back! besos-jane

5 orange potatoes said...

So beautiful! Welcome September from me too!