Thursday, September 24, 2009

100th + 1 post

This was supposed to be the 100th post; but I was on the deadline for the appointment of "Corner View", so I will call this the "100th + 1" post.
I would have love to host, for example a "giveaway"; but since I never did it, I have not experience; but I will do it in the future. For now, I will start saying some things about myself and my blogger friends.
10 things I love (apart from my family and my cat!), and not necessary in that order:

1.- Travel (I've been a backpacking traveling girl in the 70's!)
2.- The Winter (Oh, so happy to be under a cozy quilt reading a good book!)
3.-Rainy days (Most people thinks I am crazy because of this!)
4.-To read ( I am not a snob: love Romance too, but only late Kathleen Woodiwiss's books)
5.- To blog ( Thanks to this I meet every day a lot of interesting people)
6.- Italy (It's my second country. Really I have a hate-love relationship with Italy!)
7.- Friends.- (Loyal friends are hard to find. I am fortunate to have them!)
8.-To cook ( Fortunately, my two men are tall and thin!)
9.-To craft ( Can't stay without some craft in progress!)
10.-To walk (From September to May, preferably on the beach!)

Ten things I don't like:

1.- Summer (Makes me mad!)
2.-Shopping (Every kind of shopping!)
3.-To drive (Though sometimes I am aware it could be useful!)
4.-Bureaucracy (Hate to go to the post-office, or places like that!)
5.-Furs (I have my cat to warm my feet. And he is alive!)
6.-Traffic ( One of the reasons I could leave Italy! The other...well, better I don't speak of it!)lol
7.-Islands (They finish somewhere, I love the great spaces!)
9.-Fish (except shrimps and mussels)
10.-Hipocrisy (Why not say what you think?)

As for my bloggers friends. I wish to thank all of you for your friendship, and for the kindness you show toward this wicked old lady and finally, for the patience with which you read my posts writen in this Spanglish-Maccaroni English!
Here it a list of some of these wonderful people:
She is a sweet lady living in Switzerland. She makes wonderful crafts and experiments in the kitchen. And have a cat I love!
5 orange potatos and 3 black inkspots
Lisa, and her two Little Ladies are a sort of Fairies. Her blog is something between New Age and a Druid secret diary, she knows almost everything about the proprierties of the plants and flowers. Plants ( and even weeds!) are not the same for me, since I started reading her blog!

Ian is a young English gentleman, a traveler and a great photographer. Through his awesome pictures one can travel around the world. And I share with him the love for good books.

Oh, Carolyn is an artist! Her art works are inspirational. She works with every kind of materials; and I love especially her collages.

Jane, an american living in Spain, and wife to an aspirant torero. She keeps together a comunity of bloggers through her "Corner View" a weekly appointment that allows people to show some flashes of life in pictures. And she is so amusing!
Well, with Wendy, we've been close some months ago, thanks to FB and the chat. Then both of us started to work hard. She writes for an online magazine and makes wonderful jewels. As for me, started to collaborate at a friend's jewelry shop. Hope to hear from her soon.

Jeannette is a young Dutch lady living in Germany. She is a sweet and romantic girl. Her musings awakens my sense of motherhood. I think I will adopt her! She too, is a cat lover!

Peggy is the crafty mom of Miss Kinder. Her tutorials are wonderful. And she is a good cook too.

Joyce is a cheerful person, one I would love to have as a neighbor, so I am happy to have her as a virtual friend!. Her pictures are beautiful.

Tess is a poet, and a young grandmother. She is also a mixed media artist.

Well this are some of the blogs I follow and some of them follow me and keep in touch frequently. There are others I like too, like "What not to crochet", incredible amusing, or "Button Floozies" ( Oh, to own all those buttons!) or "Kids napping? I'm scrapping!", Jessica makes the most wonderful scrapbooks!
Thanks again to everybody, and I am waiting suggestions and advice for a giveaway!
Juanita de la Vega


5 orange potatoes said...

Love the love and don't like tidbits about you! Ugh, I dislike traffic too, actually don't like to drive very much at all anymore because of it. The thought of moving to Atlanta, Georgia scares me in this respect!

Thank you so much for the wonderful comment and link to my blog! Such an interesting way to look at it!

Loving blogging friend, lisa

Jeannette said...

♫ Happy Blogiversary!♫
And that are the sweetest words ever said about me. So touching.
Oh and my husband wants to be adopted too. ;)
Such great lists...I could have written it. I love the beach in winter! And like you I don´t like shopping.
A big hug, Jeannette

Joyce said...

Happy 100+1!! Ahhh....Juanita thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind words. You made cry, happy tears, with your kindness not only to me but everyone. Of course my friend I would love to have you as neighbor! Thank goodness for blogging we are now friends across the across the bay of water. Have a golden weekend!! xoxo

juanitatortilla said...

Oh you sweet, sweet woman. I am now puzzled, and taking a guess that... You are not Italian, but from Spain? Did I get that right? Or am I completely wrong? Oh my gosh! I am suddenly confused, haha!

Your summaries of each blogger are so sincerely and well-thought. I am definitely going to take a look at each incredible one of them.

Happy 100+1 post Juanita! (Hehehe, it's funny to type my own name to someone else, all the time!)

A Cuban In London said...

Like you I love rain and dislike summer. Join the club :-). Cracking post.

Greetings from London.

Le blÖg d'Ötli said...

I like "this" atmosphere too !!! And your "préférences"... (may be... except cooking !!!)... I love Italy too, speak italian, read italian, eat italian ;) I like walk, travel, rainy days... and the atmosphere of your blog !!! Have a nice day...

A Cuban In London said...

Many thanks for your kind comment on my blog. I, too, have had my 'odd' moments with Italian, a language I understand fairly well, but cannot speak properly (my Portuguese is much better).

Greetings from London.