Tuesday, December 8, 2009

one day at Napoli

What have I been up? Well, I've been quite busy working at friend's Serena jewelry shop, and housekeeping.
A week ago it was my birthday, and one of my friends gave me as a gift " an only girls day at Napoli"; so at 8.00 o'clock in the morning, four "girls" left Rome; and at 10.00am they were making breakfast at Napoli with a delicious and caloric napoleatan cake, filled with almond cream and dried fruit.
After that, we started walking in search of San Gregorio Armeno, the street of the nativity scene makers. It's a tiny street, where people from all Italy goes to buy figurines and miniatures to make nativity scenes at home, and of course is tha home of Pulcinella, the red little horns as a fortune amulet, of the pizza and good coffee...and the tiny streets with what is called "the second italian flag": the clothes hunging to dry out of the balconies.
Do not go in this period! as you can see in the pictures, it's too crowded. One of the funniest things, though, is that every year they make caricactures of the politicians.
It was quite tiring; but it was worth the effort! Leaving appart the nasty things and stereotypes, Napoli is a wonderful city, its people are friendly...and the "babĂ " typical cake soaked with rhum is delicious!
At 6.00 pm; we said "ciao" to the Vesuvio, and took our tired ourselves home.


juanitatortilla said...

Hey Juanita! Happy belated birthday! You have been quiet about it...

Napoli in a day sounds lovely. Is it very much different from where you live? I almost thought the 2nd picture was of real people, until I read that they are nativity figurines (of politicians even)! How impressive huh!

likeschocolate said...

Amazing looking pastries! Glad you had a nice day out and about!

Olga said...

Such great and colourful pictures! Seems you had quite a day there - looks really fun. Napoli must be really traditional and very 'southern' - by that I mean very different to the rest of Italy. Have a good weekend!