Thursday, December 9, 2010

CV "Improvising"

Improvising it's my second name! Especially when it concerns two things I love: cooking and traveling.
When I go to my grocer and ask him what he brought from the market today, seems all clear to me: Hmm... Those string beans, steamed and sautè with olive oil and garlic will garnish the fish or meat... those red tomatoes are good for the spaghettis... Oh, I am such a good lunch planner!!
Once at home, the string beans will end up mixed with boiled potatoes and eggs, the red tomatoes will join the onions and the celery in a broth for the fish... and the spaghettis will be dressed with butter and parmesan!!
Improvising travel it's most difficult: I have a husband who Must Know Where he will go, What he will see and When he will be back... But sometimes I bribe him... As when I took him to this wonderful place...

Thursday, December 2, 2010

corner view "rain"

I love rain, I always did, since I was born in a tropical place North of Argentina.  I really miss those furious Summer storms. Here in central Italy, rains are not as frequently as they are in other places, as it does not happen to have so much rain as we are having in the last four weeks.
 We spent this year part of the Autumn at our holiday home... This is my favorite spot, the kitchen window. I really love to sip a cup of tea or coffee as I follow the clouds in the sky and the wood's changing colors; and in absolute silence, hear only the sound of the rain on the roof  and on the stones of the tiny streets of the village...

Thursday, November 25, 2010


It has been a long blog break... In the meantime, I did a lot of things: Started again doing miniatures , I made a mini-closet a dear friend from Argentina asked me to do for her, I made also a lot of strawberries I send along with it to all the women of my family, said good by to our son   that left the "nest" for Paris, and of course spoiling our super spoiled cat, Ciro.
See you all!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

corner view "Daily"

This week theme for CV is "Daily", and here I am at 1.17am writing my post. (I've been at a pizza dinner with friends).
What's Daily for me? Well, its being called by the postman who instead of the daily bills brought me an envelope of Jane of "Spain Daily"! That darling woman sent me the photo I won at her givaway... The rest of the day? Routine; like cooking, going to the grocer or to the baker for bread,  washing the dishes...and CRAFTING!!!
Have a wonderful day! Good night. Yawwwwwnnnn....

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

corner view "animals"

"Thousands of years ago, cats were worshipped as gods. Cats have never forgotten this." This is one of my favorite quotes, and our cat Ciro (Cyrus, in italian pronounce like "Cheero") remember us everyday! 
It happened at the begining of the Summer, thirteen years ago; we've just moved here, in an appartament  on the fourth floor, and one morning I started  to hear the mewling of a kitten.  Thinking it was the kitten of the many stray cats that lived in the building gardens, I didn't care until the afternoon when the mewling subsided, and I went down to see.  On the top of a tall pine tree there was a black and white kitten: That furry boy Ciro: lazy, crazy, funny, playful, spoiled,  loves to eat thyme, paper balls to play,  hide on the closets,  sleep on our knees...and doesn't like children, (well, at least ONE fault!)
The bunny's name is Aladino. It's the pet of our neighbor at the Summer home and the sweetest of the creatures; he is always by his mistress and "torment" her with bites on her legs, she call "kisses". He used to wander safely alone around the tiny village, until a couple of years ago when he desapeared. For one week everybody kept searching for him. He had been stolen, but the person who took him back said he found him and that the bunny was "mad" since he bited his children. Hmm...we believed only he bited!
Remember the story of "Molly"? Well, you can see her with her human friend, the person who adopted her. On her rump you can see the scar of the surgery she underwent. Her master bought her a pink bandana because a lot of people mistaked for a male dog!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

corner view "Earth Day"

I've always desagreed with "one day" celebrations; because I think every day we should be aware, in this case, that the Earth, that "big blue marble" floating in the space, it's the only planet we have and if we do wrong in one point, say, deforesting the Amazon, in Europe we will have some problems to breath. Right now, for example, the cloud of the Iceland volcano it's causing problems in the air traffic of all Europe.
So, how I wish to celebrate Earth Day? Well, wishing that this tree which I've been watching in the last twenty years, growing and changing with every season, will be watched by the generations that will follow me. Happy Earth Day!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

corner view giveaway

Together with L'Atelier and Skylar  I am the fortunate winner of CV anniversary's givaway. I choose this photography from Jane's last post. Yep! this picture, will be in my kitchen! Thanks Jane!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Happy anniversary, CV!

This flowers are for Jane, who with her "Corner View's" weekly appointment kept together a comunity of bloggers from 11 to... over 60 years.
Thanks to CV I had the opportunity to know some wonderful people and some of them became close friends via chat. It has been also an opportunity to keep my blog updated, fighting the lazyness sometimes assault me!lol
What post I choose to share and celebrate with you all? "Miniature Worlds". Why? Because  talks about nostalgia, homesickness, fraternal ties and bittersweet memories.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

corner view "Spring"

Spring in Rome... the poppies that blooms on the old walls, and a glimpse of the Colosseum behind a... really I don't remember what the name of that plant it is; but I loved the sight! Anyway, if somebody can identify it I will appreciate!
Happy day, my friends!
Oh my! that's a cherry!!! what a shame!
Not, it's not a cherry! Help me! lol

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

corner view "front door"

This week "Corner View" theme is "Front door". This photography is from last Summer archive, since my camera is without battery, and it's the front door of our holiday house, shortly after it has been put on; it's not antique like the house's stones; but it will resists for a lot of years, and won't be scratched by that furry boy, Ciro!
See more CV at Jane's.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

corner view "miniature worlds"

(pictures and art works by Patricia Salas)

For this week's theme for CV, "miniature world", I have a story and two pictures (not mine!).
Once upon a time, there were two teen girls. Most of the time, they were feuding; nevertheless, they walked together for some years, and one day their paths took different ways: the eldest started to travel, and later became a (house)wife a mother and a crafter and ended up living in Italy. 
The younger became a wife, a mother, a grandmother and an artist and remained to live in her country.
The years of adulthood brought them closer and in the last thirty years, they have always been in touch, first through the letters, then through internet, telling each other about their lives. 
So, one day, the crafter told the artist she started to do miniatures, that she loved to fill these tiny wardrobes with dresses, and  do miniquilts for the beds.
The artist asked the crafter to send some of them... And in this way, three pieces of humble miniature crossed "the pond" all the way to Argentina and became pieces of art. The end...(for now!)
More art works, here. And for more Corner Views, here
Esta semana el tema de "Corner View" es: "mundos en miniatura". Contribuyo con un cuento y dos fotografías (no son mías).
Había una vez  dos chicas que se la pasaban discutiendo todo el tiempo. Por algunos años caminaron juntas, hasta que un dia, sus caminos se separaron.
La mayor, empezó a viajar, y más tarde fue  esposa,  madre y artesana y termino viviendo en Italia.
La más joven, fue esposa, madre, abuela y  artista y siguio viviendo en su pais.
Los años de la madurez (y la lejanía) las acercó y fue asi que en los últimos treinta años a través de cartas primero, de internet después, se contaban de sus respectivas vidas.
Un dia, la artesana contó a la artista que había empezado a trabajar con las miniaturas, que le encantaba llenar esos roperitos con ropita chiquita, o hacer mini-cubrecamas para las camitas.
La artista pidió a la artesana de que le enviara algunos mueblecitos... Y asi, tres humildes miniaturas, cruzaron "el charco" hasta Argentina, y se convirtieron en piezas de arte. Fin... (Por ahora)

Sunday, February 28, 2010


 Michela is hosting a swap and I am participating! (despite Juanita Tortilla's advise!) lol

Evviva!!! (Hooray!) Today (really Saturday) I've got my swap parcel: My sweet swap partner, Sandra sent me these beautiful things: an "eau de lavand pour la peau du visage" ("lavender water for the face"; but in French sounds soooo charming!) lavender chocolat (I hurried to take the pic; tooo yummmy!) and... Those beautiful crocheted earrings she makes!... What can I say? Thanks Sandra, and thanks Michela for hosting this swap... What's the next?

corner view "coffee companion"

Edward Hopper's works are on exhibition in Rome.  I love his works and I'd have liked to see some of those great landscapes,  (there were three or four) the urban scenes ... and most af all the "nightahawks", which has been recreated at the exhibition, so...what better "coffee companion" than the solitary  gentleman despicted in  Hopper's  masterpiece? What we and the man talk about? Well he was not a talkative one, and then...there was my husband with me!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

corner view " street photography"

For this week "Corner View", I choose some pictures from my archive because the card's camera its having some problems and I couldn't upload the pics I took especially for CV. Oh the technology!
Anyway, this are street photographies taken last year, and show a new town (where we live) and a medieval one, where we have a house. There is  my neighbor and a friend while putting the flowers of wild fennel to dry, and my house all covered as we were remodeling it...Oh, I miss so that place!
Have a nice day my friends!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Last Friday, the snow showed at our town ,after 25 years! Rome was all white too, but couldn't go to take pictures due to the weather conditions. Snow its not an every Winter event, so our cars are not equipped to ride on the snow; therefore, it was a holiday for those whose job is in Rome!
I started taking pics of our yard, and the pine trees, among them, "Ciro's tree", as we found him as a kitten, up the tree you can see in the first pic at right. It lasted for a couple of hours; but it was fun!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

corner view "my favorite hangout"

I think I said it before...This is a place I love, therefore, my favorite hangout: a little medieval town, my holiday home, to chat with the neighbors, to sleep with the hoot of the owls and to wake up with the bird's simple and so relaxing!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Corner view "my style"

Ok, I live in Italy, the country of Valentino, Versace, Armani, etc, I love to walk in Via Condotti and to look at the shop's windows...and to laugh at the prices...Las week, on one of that windows I saw a crocheted scarf...350 euros on sale!!!!Heeeheeeeee!!!
My style? Mostly white shirts (love silk ones), jeans and Timberland style shoes. Where I buy them? Sometimes at my favorite outlet: the weekly market. For the shoes, well, they must be comfortable, since I walk a lot and hate to have sore feet, so I go too to the outlets also. Yes, I am a thrifty style gal!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year

This is the first post of the new year, and I wish to all my blogger friends ( and to two nice persons which comments I've lost, please, write again!)a very happy 2010.
I wish to start with the last image of the 2009: two amigurumis I made following the instructions on the Lion Brand site, with the resolution to make a lot of them!
The next pic is the first of the new year, and a story I wish to tell, because restore my faith in the human genre for a moment.
Her name is Molly and she's been abandoned. She's been wandering around our small city for about two years. Fortunately, nobody make her any harm, on the contrary, being a very sweet dog, was adopted by all, and she learned to be a very educate host out of the snack bar or out of the butcher's , which always had a bit of meat for her. During the Winter she found always a shelter under the porticoes or in bathrooms of the Public Garden, and this was perhaps the cause of her accident. The Public Garden close the gate at sunrise, and Molly, in search of a shelter for the night, attempted to jump it and got one paw trapped between the iron bars of the gate. She was found in the morning badly injured, since she was hunging by the paw, and losing a lot of blood.
A young couple took her to the vet, then she underwent a very costly surgery. Now she is recovering, and exercising her paw. She found a home too, since the young couple adopted her. She accepted to be "domesticated"; but at one condition: everyday she must walk to the snack bar for breakfast and to the butcher's shop for a bit of meat, and to got a pat of all her friends.