Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Corner view "Blue"

Nicoletta Costa's blue cat

Famous song "Volare" (In the blue painted of blue)
For this week CV I have an illustration and a song. The illustration it's one of my favorite children's illustrators, Nicoletta Costa, a nice and sweet person and a great and talented artist with wich I share the love for cats.
The second picture it's a karaoke during a patronal festivity, the song it's the famous "Volare" from Domenico Modugno. I love the English version by Dean Martin. 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

corner view "Saint Valentine's Day"



Terni, Public Library

Terni, Modern Architecture

Terni, Industrial Area, now Museum
 Saint Valentine's Day deserves a romantic post. Oh, yes, I am a romantic old lady; but for this CV I choose to show you some places where  this festivity has begin.
Our holiday home is near Tuscany and Umbria, so every Summer we like to take one day tour and re-discover the many towns and villages, because we know that there is always something new to see.
Last Summer, we wento to Terni, an ancient city of Umbria. In modern times became an important industrial area; but it's also the place where Saint Valentine was born, became bishop and have been martyred about AD 197. His relics are at the Basilic of Saint Valentin at Terni.