Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Corner View "Favorite Fiction"

This is part of the shelf where I place my books in Spanish. At the left, there is "Moby Dick". In English. Along with "Treasure Island" and all the books of Louisa May Alcott were my favorites. I think that because of them, I wished to learn another lenguages and to travel. Anyway, Moby Dick is in my heart, I was fascinated by the tattooed Queequed; but mostly, because I "collect" opening lines and "Call me Ishmael" along with Garcia Marquez's  "Chronicle of a Death Foretold":  "The day they killed Santiago Nasar got up at 5.30, after attending the day before the wedding of Angela Vicario" I think are the best of my "collection".
 Anyway, apart my love for Moby Dick as a book... I can understand Captain Ahab: I've badly injured my ankle two days ago. Now I am walking around home as if I have an wooden leg!lol

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Corner View "Room"

Room... It makes me think about Virginia Woolf's "A room of her own"; but also it makes me reflects about the place or the places we live in. Our son's room, with the rough table where he works, the "cantina", a big room in front of our holiday house where we our friends gathers for a grill. Our home's living room and the corner where I keep the things I love: friends gifts, a clivia which remembers me a person I love, a drawing made especially for me by my son. And an art work: two rooms made out of two containers.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Corner View "Motion"

I've been introduced to the works of Robert Breer by my son some years ago; he was preparing his thesis at the School of Art, and I've helped him translating. Robert Breer was one of his favorit artist, as is a non conventional animator, like him. Breer has been working for all his life on the study of the form and movement. He started as a painter; but during some years in Paris, he became influences by the works of the pioneers of the cinema, and startated exploring the kinetic art.