Wednesday, October 19, 2011

corner view "Whatever..."

Love this week CV! Well, can I write about whatever likes me? Ok.
I will talk about my likes:
_I love Pirates film. From the "Crimson Pirate" to Jack Sparrow (In "Pirates of the Caribean I saw some scenes that remembers me the "Crimson"! )
- Making crafts for sell or for the love to do them. Of course with my cat at my side!
- Cooking for my family and friends.
- To know that in half an hour I am in Rome. And that I can throw a coin in the fountain every time I wish!!
_ Love trees...An old big tree brings me memories of my childhood. If there is another life "after" I wish to be a tree. May be an olive tree like this.
_ And of course, I love all my bloggers friends!

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Joyce said...

A wonderful list of whatever... Enjoy! xo