Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Corner view "Home sweet home"

I've been for the first part of my life an "alley cat", and "did it my way": a typical 70's girl who travelled backpacking around America an part of Europe... Then I stop in Italy and funded a family and became a quite mother and housewife.  Of all the home chores, I found that washing the dishes its something I like: it allows me to meditate, to think about the things I did and about what I will do afterwards... as a Buddhist monk quotes: "Each bowl I wash, each poem I compose, each time I invite a bell to sound is a miracle, each has exactly the same value. One day, while washing a bowl, I felt that my movements were as sacred and respectful as bathing a newborn Buddha".
I enjoy crafting, and love my "craft corner"...and love Winter, sipping a warm cup of tea with my family.
Yes. This is what I call "Home sweet Home"


Juanita Tortilla said...

Beautiful quote.
And me too! I really like to do the dishes!


Olga said...

Lovely pictures - you have a very sweet home indeed!

juanita de la vega said...

Thanks Olga! I am restarting with my blog! (and trying to promote my son's work!)