Wednesday, May 23, 2012

CV "In the sky"

I the town where we have our vacation home the new owner of the castle, really a 13th century military fortress, begun the works to renew the building, so they started at the clock tower, taking down the "umbrella" with the vane and the bells. Of course was an event, and all the town was at the piazza to see it, since anybody could remember how many years had gone since the last time the had seen so closely the bells. Great event, really!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

CV "On the ground or at my feet"

I loved to find out that my teen niece and I have bought the same shoes!
As I love (and envy!)  the roman cats that lives at the ancient ruins. They are like celebrities, so they just stay there to be worshiped and photographed.
Have a nice day, my friends!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

"Where I live" Walls

Well, this is not exactly where I live, if we are talking about the town; but its Orvieto, which is in Italy, the country where I live, and since I didn't found any interestings walls in my town, I am showing this pics I took last Summer in that beautiful city, I love the textures of the ancient walls, and the contrast with the modern art works of the "Bottega Michelangeli" famous wood artisans.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

CV "Mother"

When I was five years old, my parents separated; I, the older of three siblings, had been taking in charge for some years by a cousin; it has been the first of the many times my mother and I were separated and stayed together, so our relationship has been an accidented one. Nevertheless, I have so many memories of those periods we spent only the two of us. I remember the Sundays at the cinema, watching all the series of "Sissi", and then, after the film, in the late afternoon she loved to dance at the local dance club... She danced and I just fell asleep listening the "boleros", romantic 50's songs, she loved so much, (I don't know why; but noise makes me sleepy!)
On August, 2010 she passed away. We meet for the last time 15 years ago. For one week, since she's been at the hospital, I've called my sister every day. When she gave me the news, even if in family we speak only Italian, I just went to my son's room and told him: "Tu abuela ha fallecido esta noche" (your grandma passed away last night). In Spanish, my mother tongue... He gave a hug and told me: "well, you didn't spent so much time with her" and I answered " I can tell you now: The pain its just the same"...

Friday, May 4, 2012

Where I live Fridays: "Doors"

Traffic police office door

city hall door
Beach cabin doors
I live in one of the newest cities in Italy, It is the last of the "new cities" founde by Mussolini, in the 30' s, as can be seen on the upperside of the door of one of the building: 17th year of the Fascist Era, (yes, he thought himself  God and so started a new Era. Actually, is History, so its stay there as a part of the past of the city.
The city hall door, instead, has been made by the students of the local  Art School.
We are also at 7kmts from the see, a place where leggend says Eaneas desembarked after the Troy war. And the cabin's door during the Winter.
Thanks Francesca, for giving me another way to keep my blog active!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

CV "Hmmmm..."

I bet there will be a lot of "Hmmmm...", looking at this pic I took last week while walking in Rome!
Have a nice Wednesday, cornerviewers!

Rome walking tour

It was a rainy May 1st; but Rome's State Museums  were open and the ticket's prize was 1euro... so who minds the rain if I can save 6euros?
This is one of the least known of the four Roman Museums. Its undergrown excavations allows and insight of the multilayered Rome's past; but what fascinates me was the collection of everyday items, like the ceramics, the beautiful lanterns, that little horse its really a masterpiece, I found also that the ladies of Ancient Rome used to do crochet! And of course, I love those rooms with a view!