Saturday, July 20, 2013

Italians do it better

I've been living in Italy for  35 years, and if its true a lifetime isn't enough to know everything about this wonderful country, on the contrary, there is necessary only one minute to fell in love for ever with the sense of beauty and culture that can be breathed in every stone.
I still feel a privileged human being to know that in less than an hour, any time I wish, I can see the Colosseum, or get into a church and stand in awe in front of the Caravaggio's master works,  or going to Florence and sit down in front of the Botticelli "Spring" and feel overwhelmed by its beauty. 
This is my country, although my roots, my mother tongue, my own country, so to speak, is faraway from here, in South America. But this is the place where I founded a family, where I learned another tongue, my place in the world. 
Well, why I feel the need to speak about it? Because I don't know if I am more angry than depressed after I've read this:
Florence's Major decided to let for cocktails and private parties several of the most beautiful and unique monuments in the world:
5000 euros The Cave of Boboli
Palazzo Pitti's patio, 15000 euros
Pitti's Palatine Gallery, a cocktail in front of the Madonna of Raffaello, it costs 10000 euros
And the worst of it: A party in the company of Botticelli's "Spring Allegory", and the "Birth of Venus" costs "only" 150000 euros.
I will like what my foreign friends think about.

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