Sunday, November 10, 2013

Craft corner. Work in progress

I am back to my craft corner. And I thank my son's girlfriend for that. And I say thanks too, to trash television, with all those reality shows crowded of people that cook, get married, or is "16 and pregnant", etc, which makes me seek my corner when I have a moment.
 Fortunately there is "Castle" once a week to cheer me up. Of course, I am waiting for his proposal to Becket.
I started with a "funky jewelry project". Funky jewelry and crafts, really tickles creativity, makes you to look at your stash from a different point of view.
 I had that vintage lace, silk and pearls for ages laying in a box. The small mirrors were part of my miniature's stash.
 I made also, years ago, a bunch of paper beads, and I put them in a box waiting for inspiration.
Finally I've got it! And the result is: 40 pair of earrings finished and packed to Germany.
The work in progress: A cuff of vintage lace, bracelets and earrings of silicon tube and paper beads.
Would be challenging, that's for sure. So, as a two "end of the year resolution" I will: 1st) Fight against procrastination, and get everything ready before Christmas. 2nd) Keep blogging.