Friday, September 26, 2014

A long Summer

2500 years ago, the etruscan people dug
this canyon, one of the many that can be
found in Central Italy. An spiritual experience
in a magic place (this is in Sovana, Tuscany)

Tuscany, on the way to Radicofani. Sweet Tuscan hills.

I love to find things like this!

Tuscany, Radicofani Fortress.

Red radish lasagna: 1) Wash the red radish, chop them.
2)Chop an onion and sautè with the red radish
3)Make a white sauce, leaving apart some for the
topping, put the red radish into the white sauce, 
dress with salt and nutmeg. 4) Start laying the lasagna,
I don't boil them) and spreading the red radish, diced
smoked provola and grated parmesan, in every
layer, until you have three layers. Spread on top
the white sauce and parmesan. Cook until
you can see the top looks crunchy. 

When I wasn't cooking or going around, I craft, craft, craft!
Old bangles recycled, with recycled materials: an old
silk tie and some broken jewelry.

A blanket and booties for a baby who is arriving in North
Carolina at the end of the month... I am in a hurry!

Guns and scooters earrings

I love to do paper beads

My buttons collection... Finally I know what to do with
them! And of course, paper beads and silk ribbons. 

Autumn is the best season to walk near my place.

Sigh... I've been cooking for some months with this
view from my kitchen... 

Our Ciro... The cat who is supposing to fish (gatto che pesca).
Almost 18 years, and still behaves like a kitten. 
Anyway, it is only a break. We will be back next month!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Corner View "makeup"

I've tried makeup only twice in my life. The first time in my
twenties, after my friend's insisting to do it. After ten minutes
my face was a mess! The second time was at my wedding,
again, after my friend's request. Well, looking at the pictures,
everybody says that the best were those where I was without
makeup! The fact was, that I've grow up playing more with
boys than with girls, well, I loved dolls, and pretty dresses;
but after a couple of hours playing "ladies at tea time" I've
got bored... so I never played so long with girls to get to
 the makeup moment! :)