Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Corner View "makeup"

I've tried makeup only twice in my life. The first time in my
twenties, after my friend's insisting to do it. After ten minutes
my face was a mess! The second time was at my wedding,
again, after my friend's request. Well, looking at the pictures,
everybody says that the best were those where I was without
makeup! The fact was, that I've grow up playing more with
boys than with girls, well, I loved dolls, and pretty dresses;
but after a couple of hours playing "ladies at tea time" I've
got bored... so I never played so long with girls to get to
 the makeup moment! :)                                                        


Heather said...

Lucky! I don't wear much, but when I don't children run screaming in the opposite direction.

Menthe Blanche said...

The makeup is not required to be pretty and feel good!

Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

I was in Spain the other day and it was so humid. My make-up was off in about 10 minutes. I thought to myself,"why did I even bother." Being a tomboy is fun too!

juana angela abregĂș said...

Heather (beautiful name!) so funny! haha... Looking at the picture, though, you don't need make up! :)