Monday, August 31, 2009


This are some pics of the Summer Fair at Ischia di Castro, three days in which crafters show and sell their art works, farmers bring their products: pork and boar sausages, cheese, honey, and a great choice of fresh vegetables.
And then there is the Band! This year was a funny one; they adapted some everyday things to make music, like the expresso moka with a doll in it!
(The ceramic jewels are my son's and fianceè production!)

Friday, August 28, 2009


This is the Ducal Palace of Ischia di Castro. It was built to be together the residence and the Fortress of the Farnese Family, who owned the town, and the planning was made by Antonio di Sangallo the Young (Florence 1484- Rome 1546). This might be the first repairs since then!


I love to read, and to re-read some books I love, so I took along some old loved ones: "The Treasure Island", it was, along with "Litlle Women", one of my favorites. "The Mother" ,its author, Pearl Buck, makes a great description of the peasant's life in China in the early 20th century; and most of all, in this story, the life and the courage of this woman without a name, simply called The Mother. "All things Wise and Wonderful", one of the trilogy of Mr Herriot, The Stranger, where Albert Camus, makes a bitter reflection about mankind, life and death. And my old battered Dictionary, to improve my English.
Ciro cat, instead, during holidays, prefers to walk on the roofs, where he feels he is a CAT!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hello everybody! Here I am again! I miss all of you, and thanks to those that visited my little blog while I've been away!

Well, holidays are at the end, I am home trying to survive, in the middle of this hot Summer, to housekeeping, paying bills, going to supermarket and trying to convince my two men and the cat that it's too hot to eat!lol

Anyway, here there is a first sight of my holidays: First Day (and following week): Cleaning and dusting after the house repairs, and Last Day: Our car ready to be loaded for the way back home. In the middle: Summer Fair at the town, beautiful! Orvieto, in Umbria, charming, Middle August pic-nic at the lake...Well, things and pics I will be telling you, as time goes by...