Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Corner View "Rough"

A Theater, in my city. A rough ghost that will haunts we citizens forever.
Started and never finished. Politics... Argghh

I love small villages in Italy, especially Tuscany and
Umbria. I love the way they take care of their streets, decorating
the old rough walls with flower pots and hand made objects.

It fascinates me the fact that in this walls, there are
hundreds of years you can read just looking at
the changes that has been made.

... And I love these old, weather battered doors! 
Mostly, because they are made in my favorite
way: recycling!


swig said...

I love your pictures! especially the two last ones…
warm greetings from Paris!
PS : It looks like there is nothing missing ;-)

Juana said...

Thanks Svea! baci

nadine paduart said...

oh, i do love abandoned places, even if they look rough and ugly like the one above, very frustrating indeed, and in a sense painfully funny that all countries have these mishaps.... thanks for slinging in good old italy and its weathered beauties... and i remember how they love their vintage recycled doors... also reminds me of my dad. he made these kind of repurposed things around the house... n♥