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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Corner View "Contrast"

Well, more contrast than this... 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

All white work in progress

Ok. The blocks are (almost) squared. Now I have six canvases to play and try to find
the hidden world on them, searching on the triangles, squares, and round shapes,
and make them come out with embroidery floss, silk, lace and buttons.
Any suggestions or ideas?

In case you are wondering about the location
It is the door of a cave under an old stable
we remodel to use as a lab or to have
a barbecue with friends. The door was
made by my husband with salvaged
wood and painted inspired by Mondrian.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Work in progress 3 All white

Block # 2
I've been thinking about filling the empty spaces with white
linen; but then, I tried the transparence of a vintage lace
and the jewel colors of an old silk shirt of mine. Then I stitched
around with red thread, which I think is going to be a leitmotif
 for the whole work.                                                                            
I still don't know where I am going with the whole thing
or what is going to be like at the end; but in the meantime,
                     It is a lot of fun rummaging through my stash of lace and silk!                      


Block #3
Yellow  and jewel tones silk, vintage
crochet lace. 
Block #3 detail

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Work in progress 2. All white quilt top project

This is what I think it's going to be the first block. I am thinking to embellish and finish one by one, like "quilt as you go" method. I am testing some colored embellishments, and once the block is ready, 
I'll try some pastel colors floss. Any idea or advice (or critic) will be welcomed! Thanks

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Work in progress. All white quilt top project.

What to do with an all white stash? A quilt top!. I still don't know where I am going or what is going to come up at the end; but to me, seems like a tale I am telling myself, as my fingers with needle and thread put together pieces of memories: My first mom to be dress, some blouses and  shirts belonging to my husband and myself; silk ties and baby clothes for trimmings and embellishments. So, piece by piece, there I go!.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

1 2 3 !

1) Go to the market and get some fresh cherry tomatoes.
2) Make Pasta.
While your pasta is cooking in a pot with plenty of water,
in a skillet with 2 spoonful of olive oil, toss 3 cloves of garlic
 for 1 minute, then take them out. Add 15 halved cherry tomatoes,
and about 10 black olives, a bunch of basil leaves, and salt.
Sprinkle with white wine, and let it cook off tossing the skillet.
At this point, your pasta should be "al dente", (remember:
a good pasta takes about 14 minutes to cook)! Drain,
toss into the skillet,  mix well, sprinkle with fresh
chopped parsley. Buon Appetito.

3) Wash the dishes.
Ok. I know. Seems incredible that you need all this
pots and pans to cook for 2 persons. Not at all, if you
have married an italiano! 

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Craft corner. Work in progress

I am back to my craft corner. And I thank my son's girlfriend for that. And I say thanks too, to trash television, with all those reality shows crowded of people that cook, get married, or is "16 and pregnant", etc, which makes me seek my corner when I have a moment.
 Fortunately there is "Castle" once a week to cheer me up. Of course, I am waiting for his proposal to Becket.
I started with a "funky jewelry project". Funky jewelry and crafts, really tickles creativity, makes you to look at your stash from a different point of view.
 I had that vintage lace, silk and pearls for ages laying in a box. The small mirrors were part of my miniature's stash.
 I made also, years ago, a bunch of paper beads, and I put them in a box waiting for inspiration.
Finally I've got it! And the result is: 40 pair of earrings finished and packed to Germany.
The work in progress: A cuff of vintage lace, bracelets and earrings of silicon tube and paper beads.
Would be challenging, that's for sure. So, as a two "end of the year resolution" I will: 1st) Fight against procrastination, and get everything ready before Christmas. 2nd) Keep blogging.