Monday, May 11, 2015

Project "Memories"

Block #1
Block #2
Block #3
Block #4

Block #5

What is this project about? It is about memories of times gone by, sharing laughs and tears, of good byes and helloes, and a mother tongue that comes from the deepest of my heart with the poems and plays of my favorite poet, my beloved Federico Garcia Lorca.
Ten blocks to tell a story. They will go to nine especial persons to the other side of the pond.
Hope to share with you the entire project soon!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Corner View "Looking up"

Can a little peach blossom make you feel alive? It did to me, this morning.
Today, I left home for the post office to pay the bills and to buy bread, eggs, milk and butter,
ordinary things and ordinary day; and then, I looked up and spotted this little peach blossom on the
condo garden tree. It is a sign that Spring it is three days from now; but not for me, since the only
season that affects me its Summer (I hate it)! It was the inner feeling that despite the hardships of life and the bills to pay, the family momentary struggles, I still find joy just looking up at this blossom that it is coming out like every year. And I am grateful this year I can see it, and that can enjoy its beauty.
Hello, little Peach Blossom! and Happy Spring to all!

Monday, March 9, 2015

QuirkieCraft: Its list time again

QuirkieCraft: Its list time again: Funny that a week ago I didn't feel a ton of pressure between projects, homework, and work....and that has quickly changed for some biza...
I love this artist stuff!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Una Sfumatura di Grigio. One Shade of Grey.

Ho fatto finalmente le borse "origami"!
(Solo Una Sfumatura di Grigio) :)
After doing these bags, as a Christma's gifts
container, following this tut:
there were some "leftovers" of the grey fabric
(Only "one shade") :)
Con gli avanzi di stoffa, e qualche scampolo di merletti vintage.
e degli avanzi di grosgrain, ho confezionato tre cuscini.
So, as I've been for some time thinking what to do with
some stash of vintage lace and red grosgrain, I thought
about doing these cushions. 

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Corner View "Experience"

"The meaning of life i to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away" (Pablo Picasso)

I think I found so many gifts in my life, and some are in this picture: A painting of a dearest person, whose experience gave a sense to my life. We walked together for 5 years, I, taking care of her children, she mothering a troubled teenager and preparing her for her adult life. She's gone three months ago; but here I am, remembering her, and everything she thought me; and thinking about the gifts life gave it to me: I traveled, got married, had a child, made puppets and kites, cried and laughed, and saw myself getting old, and still wishing to learn.  All things life is made of. Thanks Mamie.

He tenido muchos dones en mi vida, y algunos están en esta foto: El cuadro de una querida persona, cuya experiencia dio un sentido a mi vida. Hemos caminado juntas por 5 años, yo, cuidando a sus niños, ella, haciendo de madre a una adolescente con mil problemas, preparándola para su vida de adulta. Tres meses atrás, desplegó sus alas, y aqui estoy, recordándola, y pensando a todo lo que me ha enseñado, y a todo lo que la vida me ha dado: He viajado, me he casado, he tenido un hijo, hice marionetas y barriletes, he llorado y reído, y me veo envejeciendo; pero todavía deseando aprender y aprender. Es la vida. Y es maravilloso. Gracias Mamie.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Corner View "Walk of my dreams"

I love to walk, especially when I must elaborate some problem, or when I feel homesick,
remembering the wide spaces of my country, Argentina.
My favorite walkings are in the woods. For me, they are still magic places, where I still
dream to find elves and fairies, while picking here and there acorns, pine cones, and wild
fruits. This Autumn, I took them home, and made my Christmas tree!
Have a wonderful day, friends|

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Corner View "My favorite plate"

 What is my favorite plate? If I must choose one, that should be ravioli, or tortellini with butter and salve. I enjoy cooking, I've been doing it since I hung my backpack and became a housewife many years ago.
But my favorite plate it is also that I share with my family and friends...

... And the dishes our son cooks for us when he comes back from
Berlin, where he lives and works as a visual artist...
...And a simple fried egg becomes a restaurant dish...
... Or at a Berlin, when we went to visit him and he invited to eat at
the restaurant where he worked, (artists must pay the rent too)|
A delicious panna cotta and strawberries
... And a superb and simple pastasciutta. Good thing I had had him
in the kitchen when I cooked, since he was a baby!
Favorite plate it is also sharing a table with the neighbors on the street,
at the village where we now spend most of the year. 
Buon Appetito!